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Lipsticks are probably the next on the list of a girl's best friend after diamonds... Oh, make that after diamonds and shoes. Lol. Anyway, makeup can never be complete without a pop of colour on the lips. There are loads of lipstick brands, colours and shades out there but there are three basic hues every lady must have irrespective of brand or price especially when you're just starting your makeup kit.

Remember to always use a matching lip pencil as that prevents your lipstick from smearing out of your lip outline and makes them look fuller. These are the basic lip colours you will need every other day. The purples, oranges, browns and all other experimental shades can come afterwards. Lol.

1. RED

I hear a whole lot of people say red lipsticks are not for everyone or red lipsticks are exclusively for fair skinned women. I think there is a perfect red shade for every single person. Red adds the va va voom to any makeup look and is great for a night out or simply to swipe on when you have little or no makeup on in the day. Its glamorous and sexy and a total must have. However, remember not to 'over-rub' it, hence you look like a clown.

MAC Ruby Woo- £14.00/NGN3,800
Zaron lip liner in Red Vines- NGN800. Get on Beauty Kink


My favourite lip colour ever. Pink is very girly and is perfect for daytime makeup looks. Its practically part of my everyday look. There are so many shades but i like a loud hot pink like the one on my lips below. I recommend this for every lady. You won't regret it. 

MAC Candy Yum Yum- £14.00/NGN3,800
Tara lip pencil crayon in Adere- NGN800. Get on Beauty Kink


A nude shade of lipstick is very handy when you want to have that 'i woke up like this' look. Sometimes, you don't want a bright coloured lip or you probably have a dramatic eye makeup. This shade on my lips in the photo below is a nude shade with pink highlights. Totally perfect to swipe on and head out the door in a jiffy.

MAC Please Me- £14.00/ NGN3, 800
MAC Lip Pencil in In Synch- $16.00

  • The prices above differ as MAC lipsticks are a lot cheaper in the UK where i got mine than here in Nigeria. 
  • Bear in mind that these shades are present in other budget friendly brands here in Nigeria like Sleek, Tara, Zaron etc. Check Beauty Kink for them.

Do you want me to write about more lip colours? Let me know in the comment section below. I love hearing from you.

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  1. Awesome stuff.

  2. Hello...love u n ur makeup styles n tips....am light skinned with yellow undertones and I find it difficult 2 get lipstick shades that suit my complexion


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