Abaya to the rescue!! What i love most about this outfit is how easy it is to throw on but still looks super glamorous. I like effortless pieces and this is definitely one of them. The gold embroidery is gorgeous and compliments the dominant royal blue colour very well, There is a certain way i feel whenever i wear it, almost like a feeling of ROYALTY. Lol. The best part is you can find something similar to it in Hausa clothing stores at any market at all especially in the North. I got mine way back in 2012 in Abuja but its still as good as new. Paired it with very comfy sling back sandals. See details below.

Abaya: Random store in Garki Market, Abuja- NGN9,000 after pricing. Lol
Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton- It was a gift but i think it retails for about NGN6,000
Shoes: V.T Collection- Was a gift too. Find similar here on Konga or here

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