Yup! That title was so appropriate for this outfit! Truth be told I don't even remember how I acquired this dress. Probably one of the many gifts from my mum or so. Instead of purchasing new items all the time, I'm styling my old clothes in different ways. You could save a ton of money doing that.
I have always loved how fitted this dress is. Its more like zebra print in leopard print colours and you all know I'm a sucker for animal print. However, I never wear more than one item of animal print at a time. Less is always more. These gorgeous gold heels are the latest addition to my shoe collection. Love them.

Apologies everyone, this post is coming late.. Had an extra busy Easter break but better late than never! Don't forget to leave your comments below and check out outfit details as well.

Trust me to always goof around.

Dress: Rue21. Similar here and here
Shoes: TNL - NGN8,495 on Jumia. Click here 
Earrings: From one of my many bridesmaid duties. 
Wristwatch: Jessica Carlyle.
Rings: Thrifted and gifted.
On my lips: Fashion Fair 'Currant' lip liner with a hint of Sleek Lipstick in 'Vixen'.

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Geez. I want this dress. Fierce

    1. Lol. I like it too. You can check the links for similar stuff.

  2. Finally, was sooo eager to c wat was coming next. Love d shoes n ur hair. U rock coz

    1. Sweet coz, thanks a lot. Plenty more looks coming soon.

  3. Not much into female fashion but don't u think the neck looks bare?

    1. Lol, BigBen. I don't think it does. The dress is already busy enough.


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