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So I mentioned in my last post that I had something to share with you. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you would have seen it already. But if you don't, then I'll drop it here.
I'M NOW A BLOG CONTRIBUTOR FOR JUMIA'S 'WE LOVE STYLE' BLOG. Oh yes! The ministry is moving forward. Lol. Jumia reached out to me a few weeks ago and this is the result. Y'all know I shop a lot on their site so this just solidifies the bond we share. I'll be doing blog posts on my personal style for them twice a month and because I can't share the photos here on my own blog, I will be posting the links on my FEATURES tab as well as all my social media pages. You see why you should follow me everywhere on the internet? Meanwhile, my own weekly blog posts here on The Style Cheapskate will continue as usual. Check out my first post on their blog HERE

Now, on to today's outfit post. Just incase you think I wear heels 24/7, *wrong*. I have my comfy days leading up to the weekend. This is one of my regular  Saturday looks either to the movies or to go grab my favorite frozen yoghurt. Grab a tank top and a pair of shorts, throw on a light blazer and rock on flats. Not everytime heels, sometimes adorable flat shoes. 
And oh, my hair is a wig I picked up from Casabella at Silverbird Galleria. Its from the Vivica Fox Hair Collection and the price is not so bad. The wig life is just the best right now lest the heat in Nigeria kills me. Lol.

 Blazer: DMP, Abuja. Similar here
Tank top: H&M. Similar here
Statement necklace: Gifted
Shorts: Mr Price- NGN1,700. Similar here and here
Shoes: Ideal- NGN4,495. Get here
Bag: ViviQ. Similar here
Wristwatch: Sekonda
Rings: Gifted and Thrifted
Sunglasses: Versace

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. lovely look

  2. Nice casual look, the blazer is lovely but I adore your flats more. That wig looks amazing on you as well.
    Princess Audu

  3. You know I had my eyes on these flats but I wasn't sure but after seeing this post I will be purchasing them. Thanks

    1. Oh yes, pls do. They are gorgeous.

  4. WoW a contributor for Jumia?? Woooow Aru this is BIIIIIG beta things r still on d way I'm soooo proud of u.... Now d out fit is sweet, love d blazer not really a fan of black flats n ur wig is lovely. The sky is ur stepping stone dear.

  5. Fresh skin. Thumbs up.

  6. Casabella is sure the perfect place to get your price and quality

    1. Yes, i agree. I'll definately be visiting again soon.

  7. You look amazing. Love the blazer and the shoes!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  8. lovely bag

  9. Such an adorable look, I love the accessories and added point toed flats with the shorts and blazer. Congrats on your recent contribution efforts. Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" last week. I hope you will link up again tomorrow.
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures


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