Hey guys! So I figured since I have been dishing out dark makeup looks, its about time I did something fun and playful. Doing these makeup pictorials is very tasking, I tell you, but then again its so much fun.
Being that the rainy season is here again and nature is taking its course with flowers blooming here and there, I decided to do something with major floral colours. A little pink and a little green made up this look. I hope you enjoy and if you have any makeup ideas you want me to show you, please let me know in the comment section below. Most of the makeup products listed below can be gotten at BeautyKink or BeautyBoon. But if you need more information about where I purchased an exact product, also let me know in the comment section below.

Let's get right into the pictorial....

Already did my brows and foundation routine off camera.

 Using my holy grail creamy base, I evenly distributed it all over my lids.

Taking a matte maroon eyeshadow, I applied this into my crease and blended it in as my transition shade.

I used this hot pink shade from the Tara Margaret Ekpo palette and applied it on my lids with a wet flat brush.

From top to bottom: Blended both colours together to eliminate harsh lines, then used a burnt purple shade in my outer-V for some depth.

Lined my waterline with a dark brown pencil and then used an emerald green eyeliner pencil on my lower lashline.

For more emphasis on the green, I applied a dark green eyeshadow from that same palette on top of the green eyeliner pencil.

Took a bright shimmery eyeshadow and applied it in my tear duct using a liner brush.

Lined my lashline with a dark brown liquid eyeliner.

Applied two coats of mascara on my natural lashes.

Applied my falsies. Yasss!

For the rest of the face, I applied a bubblegum pink blush with a blush brush.

Added some warmth to the corners of my face and cheekbones with bronzer. Blended it all out.

Took a shimmer powder from this palette and applied to the top of my cheeks for some glow.

For my lips, I applied a light pink lipstick using a lip brush. I didn't use a lip liner.

Finished off with my regular face powder.

And that's it!

Random brown pencil

Covergirl Queen Collection Foundation- NGN3,800
LA Girl HD Pro Concealer in 'Warm Honey'- NGN1,000
  Black Opal face powder in 'Medium 02'- NGN1,000
Sleek Pressed Powder in 'Biscuit'- NGN2,600
  The Colour Workshop blush and highlighter palette- Gifted
Milani Baked Bronzer in '06 Golden'- NGN2,200

NYX Jumbo Pencil in 'Milk'- NGN1,600. Get here
House of Tara palette in 'Margaret Ekpo'- NGN2,500.
The Colour Workshop Eyeshadow palette- Gifted
Mary Kay Eyeshadow in 'Spun Silk'- Gifted
Elf green eye pencil- Gifted
Sunkissed Kohl pencil- Gifted
NYX Liquid Eyeliner in 'Dark brown'- Gifted
Black Opal Boldacious Lengths Mascara- NGN1,500
  Red Cherry Lashes in '747S'- NGN1,250. Click here

L.A Colours Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo in 'Sensual'- Gifted

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

All personal photographs and pictorials are owned by www.thestylecheapskate.blogspot.com (Water marked or not……Except otherwise stated) and they may NOT be used in any way without prior consent of the author. Legal actions would be taken.

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  1. Oh you big big barbie doll! So sweet!

  2. Beautiful.....


  3. Oh my I love the colours!! Just beautiful!!!


  4. Amazing make up. Where do u shop for ur make up goodies

    1. Hi dear. Thanks a lot. I shop mostly on www.beautykink.com or on Jumia. For physical stores, Sahad has loads of L.A Girl products as well as Passion Trust, Wuse 2.

  5. You look flawless... Well done. Please can you do a tutorial on how you do your brows?

    1. Dear Annie, thanks for your compliment. Will work on doing a brow tutorial.

  6. love this post. loving the look!


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