Yayyy! to makeup post. Its been a while. I know many of you shy away from rocking a smokey eye look and you almost never look at that black eye shadow in your palette twice. You can create a smoky eye look with that eye shadow without looking like a racoon. Yes, a racoon. Don't worry I got used to abandoning my black shadows too and being light skinned I should be scared but I know better now. I'll be showing you guys how I got this easy breezy look that is totally wearable day and night especially for the festive season approaching.

Let's get into the pictorial, shall we?

With foundation and brow routine done as always, I used a creamy base all over my lids.

I used the brick orange/brown shade from the Missy Lynn palette all over my crease.

Then going in with this gorgeous dark brown shadow from Milani, I put that in my outer-V of my eyes and gently dragging it inwards.

For the remaining space, I went in with the NYX Jumbo pencil to act as a stronger base for the next eyeshadow. Note that I also used cello-tape on the edges of my eyes, this is to achieve a sharper and more defined look.

This has to be the 'blackest' eyeshadow I own and its from the Sleek Storm Palette, I gently put this all over my lids careful not to take it into the crease. I used patting motions to prevent fall-outs.

Then I went in with a flesh-toned eyeshadow from this eyeshadow palette and blended out the edges of the black colour. You need to blend and blend till you can blend no more. That is the key to a flawless smokey look.

To put a bit of life on my lids, I went in with a silver eye colour from this palette using my fingers placing it on top of the black.

Taking off the cello-tape, I used my favorite kajal from Maybelline in my waterline.

Then I did a sharp subtle winged liner using this gel liner from L.A Girl. You can skip this step as it isn't compulsory for a smokey eye.

Going back to my Sleek Storm palette, I put that gold colour in my tear duct to open up my eyes a bit.

Combed out my lashes with mascara.

False lashes time! 

Going back to my face, I highlighted under my eyes, the bridge of my nose and cupids bow using concealer two shades lighter. I do this all the time but you need this more for this look so your face can really stand out from the eyes.

With all the concealer blended into my face, I used my favorite setting powder of all time to set all the concealed areas to avoid creasing.

That's me striking a pose while waiting for my powder to bake. Yaaaas!

And then dusting off the powder 5-minutes later of course.

Used baked bronzer to contour the hollows of my cheeks and other parts of my face that needed to be chiseled.

Blushed up my cheeks!

You know I cannot do without highlighting, so I did. Basically all the parts I earlier highlighted with concealer. Colourpop products best applied with fingers.

Took that dark brown shadow again and smudged it on my lower lash line.

For my lips, I went in first of all with this nude pink liner.

And then finished off with L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in 'Dreamy' Love it.

And yup! We are done.

Hope you guys enjoyed? Please let me know if you recreate this look by sending me a mail or tagging me on Instagram. I would definately want to see, biko!

  Davis brown pencil 
Jordana Brow Powder Duo- NGN650

Covergirl Queen Collection Foundation- NGN3,800
LA Girl HD Pro Concealer in 'Warm Honey' and 'Creamy Beige'- NGN1,000 each here
  Sacha ButterCup Setting Powder- NGN4,000 here
Sleek Pressed Powder in 'Biscuit'- NGN2,600
Colour Pop Super Shock Higlighter in 'Lunch Money'- $8.00 here
Milani Baked Bronzer in '06 Golden'- NGN2,200. Similar
JC Penney Duo Blush- Gifted

Jordana Eyeshadow Base- NGN800
NYX Jumbo Pencil in 'Milk'- NGN1,600. Get here
BH Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette- NGN4,500.
Sleek Storm Eyeshadow Palette- NGN2,500.
JC Penney Eyeshadow Quad- Gifted
L.A Colours Stormy Palette- NGN600
L.A Girl Gel Liner in 'Black'- NGN1,500.
Maybelline Colosssal Kajal- NGN700. Now NGN595  here
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara- Gifted
Creation Lashes from pack of 10- NGN2,500

Spice Pink Nude Lip Pencil-NGN200.
L.A Girl Matte Pigment Lipgloss in 'Dreamy"-NGN1,500. Get here

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  1. wow, your eye makeup looks great. love your blog name, too.

  2. Hey Alma, you are really good at makeup. Can you teach me? Lol.

    1. Oh thank you. I would be glad to though I hope you've been able to pick one or two things from my pictorials.

  3. Beautiful! I love how you went step by step with this tutorial. Eyeshadow is my most liked makeup , thanks for the tips


    1. Hey!! Thank you. I'm happy you liked it.

  4. I love the soft lip with the dramatic eye...it looks great on you. Thanks for adding your unique style point of view to the My Refined Style Linkup.


  5. Great tutorial and gorgeous make up! Thanks so much for joining in our My Refined Style link up! I'd also be thrilled to have you link up with my Fun FAshion Friday link up every Friday at Fashionshouldbefun.com

    Dawn Lucy

  6. Love your make-up. you did great. I need to up my game with my make-up lol


    1. Thank you darl. Lol, practice makes perfect!


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