Hey darlings, another quarter is over and you know what time it is. I can't stop having favourite things because I try out new stuff everyday. Today's post is a mixture of beauty products and wellness living! Enjoy.

L.A Girl Glide Gel liner pencils

Now this is practically a mini review. I came across these pencils on an L.A Girl stand and I was intrigued by the fact that they were gel liners in pencil form. The colours were so pretty so i picked up two for starters, the champagne and mermaid blue colours. By the time I wore them once, I was sold and I ran back to pick up three more colours. Now for me this is perfect for times when I don't feel like wearing eyeshadow. I just swipe these on my waterline and it makes my eyes pop. Perfect addition of colour to the eyes. I'm wearing Mermaid Blue in my waterline on the cover photo above. Stunning!

Where to buy: Sahad Stores
Price: 950 naira each

'Marriage' by Bimbo Odukoya

Jesse gave me this book while we were doing our pre wedding counselling. I was always inspired by this awesome lady even though I hadn't read any of her books. I'm done reading this one though and I must say i totally enjoyed it. Real stories of real people with real experiences. I learnt a lot from it and hope you do too.

Where to buy: Any Christian bookstore
Price: Uhm, I dunno.

Sleek blush in 'Sahara'

Sleek! Sleek! I love this brand and I asked my friend to pick up this particular blush for me when she visiting Nigeria late last year. It is more like a burnt orange/terracota shade and is great for all skin tones. If you are familiar with Sleek products, you will know how pigmented they are. Its amazing. 

Where to buy: Any Casabella store
Price: 1,500 naira

Tara Brush Cleaner

Washng your makeup brushes is soooo important. Keeps them germ free and prevents acne caused by bacteria that could live in your brushes. So normally, I use a mild liquid soap, some olive oil and water using my fingers to take out all the makeup. But I noticed I really wasn't up to washing brushes every single day. I found an alternative on Jumia, this brush cleaner from House of Tara. All I do when I need to quickly clean my brush and use it on the spot is to spray some of the cleaner on the brush and wipe off the makeup on a paper towel/tissue paper. Good as new. I do this throughout the week and give my brushes a proper wash over the weekend. Its very ideal for makeup artists on the go.

Where to buy: Jumia
Price: 2,500 naira

Brush Egg

Yes still on makeup brush hygiene, this brush egg was everywhere and I was just curious. It basically takes the place of your fingers while washing. The rubber bristles make it easy to get out all the makeup hidden in the brushes that your hands cannot get to, And yes I had to get it in my favourite colour. Love it.

Where to buy: Jumia
Price: 1,000

Twinings Green Tea with Mint

 I never thought I would ever drink green tea. Ever! However I heard about the great benefits and I decided to try it once. Just once o and I became stuck. Now let me tell you how this makes me feel. I had an experience where I had something to eat really late one night. Wrong I know. By the following morning, I woke up feeling really bloated and uncomfortable and I knew I couldn't start my day like that. I made a cup of this tea, finished it in a gulp or two and in less than ten minutes that feeling was gone. As in I felt really light and active. Since then, I have it at night before bed and during the day if needed. The mint flavour is very soothing too and in general it is very relaxing. Try it.

Where to buy: Shoprite
Price: 950 naira

Okay my loves. Have you tried any of these?? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. *Runs off to Sahad for some gel liners, I'll finish reading later* :D :D

  2. Those gel liners look like so much fun! Bron x

  3. I have always wanted to try the brush egg I guess I am going to buy myself one now. I love the la girl pro concealer, I am sure their eye liner wont be too shabby.

    1. You won't have any regrets with the brush egg and liners

  4. I wasn't into green tea myself, but I learned 2 things - 1. Drink it while hot, and 2. Drink it flavored with a teaspoon of honey.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Oh yes it works better when hot, i love it plain tho, no honey.

  5. Oooh those liners are popping! i'm definitely picking up a few whenever i see them. Would you happen to know where i can get them here in Lagos? (I know you don't stay here, but still..)

    I take the Lipton green tea with mint flavor and i love it, haven't tried this Twinning brand yet. Yes to Berry's advice about it being more enjoyable hot and aided with honey.


    1. Hello dear. I think u should check the Ebeano Supermarket, i hear they have a heavy L.A Girl

  6. Great stuff! I'll try the gel liners.


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