Hey my loves, I love my favourites this past quarter!
Some of them were gifted to me so bear with me if I don’t have actual prices.

Forever 21 Gold and Pearl Neckpiece

My friend, Maryam gifted me this beautiful gold and pearl neckpiece at my bridal shower. Since that day, it has become my staple go-to jewelry. I’m in love. I wear this neckpiece with everything and for everything. With a dress to church, with a basic t-shirt and jeans, to the market, my parent’s house, everywhere! I hope I don’t begin to wear it to sleep or take a shower, I’m that obsessed. You get my drift? It just adds the perfect va-va-voom to an outfit and takes my look from simple to glam in a second. If you’re in the UK or US, you can check Forever 21 for this. I can’t believe I haven’t featured this on any outfit post yet.

Price: Gifted
Where to buy: Any Forever 21 store. 

Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover

For all those times when I run out of my makeup wipes, this magic in a mini bottle saves my life. A little drop on a cotton ball goes a long way for eye and lip makeup. It practically dissolves my makeup, like seriously! This is actually a sample size meaning that it doesn’t go up for sale but I know about the Take the Day Off Balm which does exactly the same thing. This was also gifted to me so I’m not sure where you can find it in Nigeria.

Price: Gifted
Where to buy: Any Clinique Store.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara

Since I cannot spend such a huge amount of money yet to purchase my dream mascara-The Too-Faced Better than Sex Mascara, I’m always on the lookout for cheaper options. While watching one of Kathleen Lights old videos, she raved about this product from Jordana and I longed for it. Imagine my shock when I sighted this baby lying on its own in the beauty rack at Sahad Stores (the old complex). Hayyy! It was the last one I picked up at that time but I have seen them at the new complex recently. Yayyy!. This product is worth the hype biko. Such a cheap product that volumizes , lengthens and lasts for ages. It has been a favourite for a while now. I’m such a fan of products from Jordana. Gosh!

Price: NGN800
Where to buy: Sahad Stores, Abuja

Salvadore Ferragamo ‘Incanto Bloom’ Perfume Set

A fragrance among my favourites? Then it should be fantastic! It sure is. This is another gifted item and though I received it about two years ago, I saved it for my wedding, Yes, I did. Hehehehe! I was glad I did. It was worth it. Now I’m not one to know so much perfume vocabulary but I’ll try my best to describe all about it. It has such a beautiful feminine scent with the perfect blend of musk, citrus, spice and florals. My wedding dress still has this scent on it till now so you can imagine. It lasts and lasts and its perfect for summer!

Price: Gifted
Where to buy: Amazon or Ebay.

Colour Pop Eyeshadows

I have raved and raved about Colour Pop shadows but I’m not quitting soon. What on earth do they put in these babies mehn? They are soo buttery and pigmented with a wide array of beautiful colours. I had three shadows but I was eager to try out more so my aunt ordered them and brought them to Nigeria when she was coming for my wedding. Thanks aunty! Plus she gave them to me totally free! Its still so amazing that these things cost $5 a pop. Like really? I refused to pick them up from our own online beauty stores because its more than twice the price. I will keep purchasing the way I have been doing. Let this dollar fall o because I’m here waiting on the next person going on vacation to the US. I’ve been using them non-stop all quarter. Don’t worry, I have some makeup posts that will include them. Just wait and see.

From up to down: Game Face, Nillionaire, Flower Shop, Hammered, Coconut, Drift, Telepathy and Weenie.
Price: $5.00 each
Where to buyColour Pop

L.A Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in 'Obsess'

L.A Girl is another affordable brand that keeps surprising me. When they came out with these matte pigment glosses, I tried the shade in ‘Dreamy’ which is my favourite pink nude of all time. I was sure if I could lay my hands on a red-like colour, I’ll be attached. So I found this shade in ‘Obsess’ and I have been literally obsessed. It’s a beautiful shade in between a red and coral colour. So pigmented, applies like a gloss but dries completely matte. I have been wearing this very often. With these flat fiinsh glosses, I realized that the darker colours are a bit hard to wear and appear patchy but from this shade down to the other lighter ones are pure bliss. I'm wearing this product in the cover photo above.

Price: NGN1,200
Where to buy: Sahad Stores or slightly more expensive HERE

Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel

This was another gift from my darling friend, Eunice. I don’t have any products from Avon but when I saw these gorgeous pastel coloured nail polishes, it was love at first sight. The pale pink colour is ‘Sheer Love’ and the pale blue is ‘MoonDust’ . I used them recently but unfortunately I didn’t take a photo. Stay tuned to my Instagram page just incase I upload a photo when next I get a manicure using these. They are sooo beautiful and the best part is how quick they dry plus how long they last. I can’t stand waiting endlessly for my nail polishes to dry so this was a huge plus for me. Simply beautiful.

Price: Gifted
Where to buyAVON

As usual, let me know which of these products you have tried right in the comment section below!
I am planning a massive Instagram giveaway soon soooo stay tuned guys!!

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. The perfume...looks and sounds very pretty

  2. The colour pop pigments look so fabulous, please do a makeup look with them soon!! Look at the swatches!!! Wow

    1. They are sooo fab! Yea I'm planning on some makeup looks in a bit.Amazing!!!

  3. I like a lot of Jordana stuff, but have never tried the mascara. My sister swears by Clinique cleansers and toners!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. You should try out the mascara dear. Hmmmm I know Clinique stuff are out of this world, they are just soo expensive.

  4. I need to get my hands on colour pop too. So stunning.

  5. Hi Alma,for those of us in lagos Where do you suggest we purchase these products? like a 'sahad store' in lagos? Thanks.

    1. Hi Sandra, I think the Ebeano Supermarket is a great option. Heard so much about it.

  6. Hi Alma,
    Please do u have an idea where I can get these Avon nail polishes here in Abuja?


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