I discovered an e-commerce website that sells all kinds of things from clothing to gadgets, phones, beauty products, household items and so on all for ridiculously affordable prices. That website is Bang Good and here is my current wishlist. You can never have too much makeup.

White Makeup Brush Set. Get here

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. Get Here

Wispy false eyelashes. Get here

3-Colour Concealer Palette. Get here

***This is a sponsored post***

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  1. This blog is truly living up to its name. that neutral pallette is soo beautiful and so CHEAP!!!!! only 5 dollars with free shipping! chai!! Alma have you received any products from them? i it through courier or NIPOST? please please provide more info lemme go and buy before this crazy dollar gets any higher.
    And thanks, you rock - as always

    1. Heyyy Ify! Hmmm you're welcome.My package from them is on the way so I'm not sure through what medium I'll recieve them. Once i do,I'll have a review up okay?

  2. Thanks pls, I'll keep checking for the update

  3. Has your package arrived?


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