Its all about BangGood today. A lot of you have been waiting for this post to hear my reviews since I did a wishlist a while back. The team sent me some items from their makeup section. The White 10-piece brush set and five pairs of lashes in a pack! I checked out reviews on these brushes before deciding on them (they were good) and of course you can never have too many false lashes.

It was a hassle getting my package, my goodness! Shipping took a little over three weeks and even when it arrived Abuja it was stuck in the post office for another one week plus. Why? My phone number was not included on the package so the post office couldn't reach me. That was simply ridiculous. All my details were provided to the company but for some reason, it was just omitted when they packaged and shipped my stuff. Not good, BangGood. Just include phone numbers next time. I had to shuttle between the general post office and my local one twice laying complaints before the packages were tracked.

Also, I was very disappointed in the packaging. I know the items are so freaking cheap but seriously, this goodies came in a very random black bag, very similar to a garbage bag. No jokes. I did not like it. They could have done better.

Okay, let's move to more uplifting gist. The White 10-piece brush set consists of 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. Each brush was in a transparent package and they were all together in another clear pack which I liked. These brushes are heaven! My goodness. The bristles are soo soft and the feel of the entire brushes are sturdy. It is also good for beginners because you basically have all the brushes you need in this set and it is so inexpensive. So far I have not experienced any shedding and I hope not to. There are no names on the brushes but I'm sure you can figure out what each brush can do for you.

I will use these brushes in my next makup tutorial so you can see how they actually perform. But just so you know, they are really good. Get them here

This is just five pairs of false lashes in a pack. I love the style, quite glamorous. I will also use this in my next tutorial. Get them here

Good news! The people at Bang Good were kind enough to send an extra set of brushes for one of you! Awesome right? If you'll love to win the White 10-Piece Brush Set, just follow the rules below:

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3. Leave a comment below this post stating :
Your favourite beauty post on my blog and why?
4. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced in my next post.
5. Open to Nigerian residents only.

Good luck!

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  1. Hey Alma. Have been following your beauty post on your blog and I can say I love them all but for this give away, my favourite will be your post on ' how to wear blue eye shadow the right way' because I learnt some makeup tips from it and also got some of the products you used too.

  2. Calabarwife@gmail.com27 September 2016 at 16:12

    I usually comment anonymously but had to do this with an ID, just in

    My favorite posts(yep, got 2 of them) are Save or Splurge & Makeup product reviews. And why I love them is because I'm a Fellow cheapskate. I work on a budget & one doesn't have to buy expensive before you can look good. I got to buy Jordana foundation & brow filler after I read your blog.
    Next is the nivea after shave balm which I'm gonna get very soon.

    As for the reviews, who doesn't like a heads up before spending money? Lol

  3. I liked the smart casual post because I learnt how I could wear denim trousers on blazers. I usuAlly wear my Jean trousers with just a top

  4. Hi Babe! I'm new to the makeup thing, recently decided to "Hepp my makeup laive" by learning more about products brushes etc.
    Your article on FIVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS I WILL NEVER RE-PURCHASE helped a lot! Saving me the stress. So you can say it's my favourite, love the cheapskate wedding hacks but I guess I can't classify that under "beauty".
    Keep doing you hunnay!

  5. My fav beauty post is the Save or Splurge series on the foundations. Love it.

  6. Jayne Imamu👄💅27 September 2016 at 17:31

    Mi favorite beauty post is on the save or splurge episode of foundation and lipstick.... i love them because am a novice in d makeup application dept and i've always belived that if a particular makeup is not expensive then d outcome will never be nice.. u changed that perspective.. especially wen u said milani moisture "matte iconic" lippie can b used in place of mac "ruby woo" bin savin tooth n nail to buy the mac🙈🙈🙈🙈 lippie whereas i had the milani moisture "matte iconic" all along.

  7. My favorite post on your blog is "How much is my face worth"

    I like it cos you were so real..
    Cos I am also of the school of thought that believes that you don't have to use "too expensive" makeup to achieve a flawless look.. And you Alma know how to make it happen. I love how you use affordable products to achieve a wow effect. Another reason is that you also gave me a boost on wanting to do my own tag.. Thanks alot
    Other how much is my face worth tags I have read by other bloggers are outrageously expensive.and I'm like "huh"

  8. Nice blog glad to be here for the first time, hoping to learn one or two new things

  9. I must win o! My favourite beauty post is The Power Of Makeup. It was different than the ordinary.

  10. Hi Alma,
    Yes! I've been waiting for this review an I can't wait to see the reviews on the remaining items on your wishlist.
    Giveaway Yay!! My favorite post on this blog, hmmmm that's hard O! because it changes frequently as new posts come on and then sometimes, I go back to loving on some old posts. However, currently, I am still very much in love with the power of makeup post - infact, you have sent me on errand to youtube - I really enjoyed looking at the two halves of your face and appreciating the master-artistry that making up is loool

  11. Love this honest review!! I'm going to check these brushes out.


  12. It is also important that they give out beauty parlor tips so that the clients can maintain what they had achieved. Amazing beauty tips


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