Hey guys! Today's post is a very different one. I was super excited when my fellow blogger, ChiomaJenni invited me to collaborate with her on a restaurant review and I was glad to meet her. I'm one of those people who say Abuja is boring and we have very limited places to explore but this is a place I was simply impressed with. Ever heard of Madiba Restaurant? I bet not. Read on for all the details.

Madiba Restaurant is located inside the Arts & Crafts Market which is close to Silverbird Galleria, Abuja. I had never heard of it until now so I was ready to explore. Just as you guessed , it is named after Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela and it is also extremely afro-centric. From the decor, to the exterior, to the food, you will be reminded of the rich African heritage we are opportuned to have,

The choice of decor pieces blew me away. Paintings of notable Africans and African-Americans adorned the ceilings. Traditional mats were also used. Pieces from the Benin Culture can also be seen at the counter. Outside, the bust of Mandela can be visibly seen with other nice sculptures.

The menu consists of mostly African dishes but there is also an added twist of modern dishes like chicken and chips. The prices of the meals are moderate compared to a lot of places I have visited in Abuja. This restaurant is known for their nkwobi and fresh palm wine straight from Enugu. I personally did not know of any where in Abuja that palm wine was sold before now. It was 2pm in the afternoon but we couldn't resist sharing a mini keg. It was tasty!

We all had jollof rice. I loved the local taste it had. It was also served with peppered goat meat and plantain. I love plantain sha! In all, the food was yummy, presentation was good and the customer service was equally good. The food took a little longer than expected to be ready but when it came, it was worth it. 

I love this photo. He obviously posed for the camera.

I will give this restaurant an 8 out if 10. It was great!

After our meal, we took a walk into the Arts and Crafts Market to see what rare gems we could find. I had been there before but I never really bought anything. I was simply amazed at some of the things we saw, most of them made out of real leather.

These leather necklaces are gorgeous and they go for 4,500 naira.

Can we talk about this crocodile skin bag? I fell in love and I may be going back for it. It costs 8,000 naira.

I got some exciting pieces that I will style soon on the blog, you need to look out for it. In all, it was a good day and I was so glad to spend it with ChiomaJenni. You can visit her blog here , show her some love and tell her I sent you. Lol. I'll be collaborating with my fellow bloggers more often, so if you're based in Abuja, hit me up!

My Outfit Details
We both wanted something African themed to go with our activities for the day.
Top: Tailor-made
Pants: Primark
Sandals: Spotted

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  1. Lovely but for d leather necklace i will pass cos some leather small real bad esp during d raining season. I love ur outfit really cute.

  2. Great post alma!. Il be checking it out!

  3. I've never heard of this restaurant and I've been to the arts and craft center several times, hmm must be new. I love the ambiance, when I get back I'm definitely going to visit the restaurant and also use the entrance for a shoot. I'd love to collaborate with you by the way. Looking forward to more posts like this.

    1. Yea, its been existing for two years now. Oh yea, same thing I'll be doing. Those shoots are important. lol. We should totally collaborate, it'll be fun.

  4. I recently visited the Arts and Craft Village but had no idea there was a restaurant within the premises.
    Such a lovely place!

    Beautiful pictures!
    I love your top.

  5. Yay!!! New restaurant I can visit the next time I'm around, thanks Alma. Love this post. Good food and great art.

    1. Thanks baby. Can't wait for you to visit Naija again. I'll be glad to take you.

  6. I enjoyed this post
    The food really looked appetizing

    N'Graffi - Blog


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