Hey my lovelies. Hope your week is going great. As always I love starting new things on the blog so I decided to start a series focusing on Nigerian brands. Now its no news that the country is in recession and shopping on international sites has become a burden with the exchange rates skyrocketing everyday. Its only wise to start buying Nigerian o! Our upcoming brands have been amazing me recently. They really have.

Our focus for today will be on Congchua Kimonos. Now I know that name sounds Asian but its actually run by a Nigerian student, Princess Ndukwe. She sent me one of her pieces and I am so in love. Most of her items are chiffon just like this one. The colours and patterns were screaming my name and those tassles are just gorgeous. I decided to do something very quirky with my style this time by pairing this piece with socks and heels. Oh yes! Felt like a little school girl again.

Best part is the prices are very friendly. Kimonos go for NGN5,000 and crop tops are NGN3,000. So if you have been trying to get your hands on a cute kimono and you don't want to worry about international shipping blah blah blah, this is your best bet. All her contact information will be stated below.

Kimono: Congchua Kimonos-NGN5,000. Get here or call 09084988033
Camisole: Old
Leggings: Primark
Sunglasses: Zaful. Get here
Necklace: Random buy- NGN800
Shoes: Spotted- NGN5,800. Similar here
On my lips: Taos Liquid Velvetine in 'Tripoli'

Do you have a Nigerian fashion or beauty brand and want to have your items featured on my blog? From now till January 2017, it will be completely free so please send an email to

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Alma just made socks and heels look dope. Love it.

  2. Kimono is beautiful. Don't like the socks though.

    1. Thanks darl. Lol, don't worry the socks isn't for everyone.

  3. I'm loving the Kimono and secretly jealous that I'm not in Nigeria at the moment to purchase one :(. I've also been trying to find a wear socks an heels as it seems to be the in thing at the moment and you're really giving me some extra motivation to try it out as well...

    Great post hun! ^_^ x

    1. Thank you darl. Get a kimono ASAP and the socks on heels trend will work perfectly for you over there. Can't wait to see it.

  4. beautiful!! love the socks too, Lool

  5. Love the socks! So cute.


  6. Love the kimono!
    You look great. And the socks n heels look dope!!! Love!


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