Hey guys! Incase you are new to this series, at the end of every quarter I round up all my favourites and do a blog post talking about them. I also give options on where you can buy these items. This quarter my favourites consist of beauty products and FOOD! Lol.

1. Taos Cosmetics

Now this brand as a whole is one of my favourites right now. First things first, it is a Nigerian brand. Seriously the beauty industry here is no longer on a joking 'sturvs'. I've been seeing swatches on Instagram of their liquid velvetines and very recently their neutral eyeshadow palette which is a perfect dupe for the Morphe 35O Palette. Now I have had that popular Morphe palette on my wishlist for the longest time but when i was finally ready to get it, our exchange rates had gone biserk. In Nigeria, its now going for 15,000- 18,000 naira. Ehn! When Taos Cosmetics released their neutral palette, the buzz was crazy. It is perfectly identical to the one from Morphe and what's more the colours are so freaking pigmented. So beautiful. I had never had a strict neutral palette so I was really sold on this. 

It has 35 different neutral colours consisting of browns, oranges, golds, coppers etc. Not even the 9,000 naira price could scare me and here is why. I did a mental calculation and realised that eyeshadow palettes with 12 colours like the ones from Sleek and Tara are sold right now between 3,500 and 4,500. Double that and you'll be getting 24 colours for 9,000 naira whereas this gorgeous palette has 35 shades and is sold for the same price. It was a wise decision to get it and no matter how you look at it, it is an investment because you will use it for a very long time. If you are a beginner this is perfect for you as it has all the neutral shades you'll ever need. It can be your only eyeshadow palette sef. Seriously!

Matte shades
Shimmer shades
Now on to the liquid velvetines, I picked up two but the kind Taos Cosmetics team added one to my eyeshadow palette order for free. First of all, the shades from this new line are gorgeous. The formula is so good, it applies so creamy with a matte finish. 

Here is the catch, its not drying at all. No crusts, no patches and they are long lasting. You may only need to touch up if you eat or drink, asides that, you're good to go. Taking them off can be a chore, yup that's how good the staying power is. They are 3,000 naira each but I think it is worth it completely. Did I mention the sweet scent they all have? I am eager to try more shades especially from the older line.

Liquid Velvetine in 'Lulua'

Liquid Velvetine in 'Tripoli'

Liquid Velvetine in 'Tunis Baby'

Where to buy: Taos Cosmetics here
Price: Eyeshadow Palette - NGN9,000.  Liquid Velvetines- NGN3,000 each.

2. Makeup Wedges

You can call me LASTMA on this one. Lol. I usually apply my setting powder with my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge but anytime I'm on Youtube, I love seeing how precise makeup wedges are in applying them. I had seen them in Shoprite for 1,000 naira a pack but I didn't buy them. I recently stumbled on this brand in another store. A pack of eight for 500 naira?? I grabbed it. It has been making my setting powder life better. I love them.

Where to buy: Passion Trust Supermarket, Wuse 2, Abuja or any beauty store
Price: NGN500

3. Jordana Pressed Powder

I've used this powder for quite a while because I've hit pan as you can see from the photos. I wanted to be sure how I felt about it and I love it. I really do. It does the job and its so affordable. Apply on top of your foundation and your skin looks flawless. Touching up one or twice is inevitable though but most powders are just the same. Its always in my bag, all day, everyday. I use the shade ' Golden'.

Where to buy: Sahad Stores, Abuja or any beauty store
Price: NGN900

4. Zaful & Splash Sunglasses

As you can tell from my recent fashion posts, I've been rocking either of these two sunglasses and I love them both. The black one with cute trimmings from Zaful is such a sleek piece. Feels and looks expensive but yet so freaking affordable. The other pair from Splash Accessories which were gifted are my staple ones, always in my bag and makes me look edgy which I like. I have ditched all my other sunglasses for these two all quarter. I'm so shopping for more from Zaful very soon, they have such unique pieces and I don't mind spending a few bucks to get two more beautiful sunglasses. You can see how how I have styled these ones previously here and here

Where to buy: Zaful here
Price: $4.46

5. Wilson's Lemonade

I love lemons as a whole for their many healthy and practical benefits. So when I found out there was a Nigerian brand of lemonade out there, I couldn't wait to try. Its so tasty that I equally tried the 'pink lemonade' too. But I actually prefer this one, just because, I'm also intrigued by the story of this brand and how it started. If you sight this in any store, pick up a bottle and try it.

Where to buy: Any supermarket
Price: NGN150

6. Scoozi Fruit Rings Cereal

I know you're wondering what cereal is doing here but I had to do this. The easiest thing for me to eat in the morning is cereal. All kinds, any kinds. Hubby bought this when he was out grocery shopping one day. I fell in love. The fruit flavoured taste is so good and the colours are great especially if you have kids. They love this kind of stuff. It is distributed in Nigeria but I think its produced by an Egyptian brand. Very nice.

Where to buy: Sahad Stores, Abuja
Price: NGN950

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  1. I wasn't wrong when I guessed Taos qnd those shades would be on this list....

    Meanwhile, why does your face look red in the pictures above?

    I will be getting that matte lipstick in lulua....

    1. You guessed right dear. I'm living for Taos right now. Amazing quality.Lulua is a gorgeous colour. Mehn I went hard with my blush that day and I tried everything possible to redeem it but it wouldn't budge. Lol.

  2. Nice 1 Alma! I will definitely try the fruit rings for my boy, looks like what he will love. Can I use d Jordana powder as my only powder? Been looking for a good powder,thanks.

    1. Hello dear. I'm sure it will. Its tasty.Yes you can use the powder together with a good foundation for best results.

  3. I've heard good things about Taos from other beauty bloggers in Nigeria - well done to them!

    I love Wilson's Pink Lemonade!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog


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