Hey darlings! I'm still all about promoting Nigerian brands because this recession doesn't seem to be coming to an end in the nearest future. And as if that's not enough, even with the crazy exchange rate, many banks have restricted the use of debit cards to shop on international sites. Well, I'm pretty sure of my bank and its so frustrating.
So with all these changes, it only makes sense to go thrifting or patronize Nigerian brands. I'm not talking about all those high class 'celebrity-only' brands that require your two months salary to purchase one item. No, biko. I promote only affordable brands that won't create a hole in the average Nigerian's pocket.

I mentioned in my last 'Naija Brands' post here that I will be open to collaborate with affordable Nigerian brands for FREE until January 2017. This is my way of helping upcoming brands gain some popularity among my readers and followers especially as the yuletide season is upon us. As from January, I will begin to charge a small fee, very small fee o! Don't fret!

Okay, straight to the outfit for today. I'm wearing a gorgeous long kimono from Ukara Couture. Just incase you haven't noticed, kimonos are here to stay. Its trending like crazy! I've styled short kimonos in the recent past but haven't had access to a long one. The long ones to me are the REAL kimonos because they are similar to the ones the Chinese women wear. The beauty of this piece of clothing is the fact that its so versatile. You can rock them over a dress just like I did. With denim jeans or over a skirt and shirt. Whatever you choose.
I LOVE THE COLOUR AND FLORAL PRINT on this kimono and as you can see from the photos, I wore it with the belt it came with and then took off the belt later on just to see how many ways I could wear it. Totally love it.
I paired it with a mini sequin dress that I've never worn on the blog but I seem to wear for night outings a lot. A pair of blingy champagne heels completed the look.

Ukara Couture is based in Abuja and their prices are friendly ranging from 5,000-10,000 naira depending on what you would like either custom-made or ready-to-wear.
Right now, there is a clearance sale on all ready-to-wear items. The items are so nice and affordable so hurry before they get sold out. I have another outfit I will be showing you in a video pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, this shoot was FUN!

Long Kimono: Ukara Couture. Get here
Dress: Old- NGN4,000. Similar here
Shoes: Dune London- £53.00- Out of stock.
Sunglasses: Zaful- Get here
On my lips: L.A Girl Matte Pigment Lipgloss in 'Dreamy'

Do you have a Nigerian fashion or beauty brand you will like to feature on my blog? From now till January 2017, it will be completely free so please send an email to

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. As much as you look very beautiful in it, it kinda looks like a nightie. I don't know if it's just me that sees that.....

    1. Lol. Thanks! But I think its only your eyes o.

  2. Very fun pictures girl and yes to promoting more affordable Nigerian brands. However I'd have to agree with Dera, it looks a bit like a nightie but then again it's very trendy at the moment and I like the print too.

     Princess Audu 

    1. Na wa o! Am I the only one not seeing this 'nightie' thing. Lol. Thanks dear. Up Naija Brands.

  3. It looks like "nightie" a lot. But on the brighter and better side. Its beautiful. Fashion is free!

    1. Exactly my point, everything is fashionable!

  4. Stylish in my exact kind of house coatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And you nack heels with spectacles. Dan fulani

  5. Yea, the shoot looked super fun!
    Love the print on the kimono!

  6. Yes long Kimonos are the ones! Love that you can go either street style or not with them and this print is beautiful.


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