Hey guys and welcome to the month of November. I feel Christmas already, my favourite time of the year. What are your plans? As for me I would really love to get away for a bit. Naija don tire person. Lol. Anyway, I'm super happy to share today's post and you will soon know why.
I haven't tried any product from Classic Makeup until now. Its a super freaking cheap Nigerian brand that you can easily spot in the market. Forget that 'U.S.A' you see on the packaging. My sister has a couple of their liquid lip glosses and I was eager to try especially when she told me they were only 500 naira each.
But on one of my recent visits to Next Cash n Carry in Abuja, I spotted these babies in the makeup section for a ridiculous price of 320 naira each. Yes, you heard me, as if 500 naira was not ridiculous enough. They come in about 10-12 shades but I just picked three to try out first just incase I didn't like them so much.

Pepper: I had to put this one first because this is my favourite of the bunch. The pigmentation of this red shade is freaking amazing. It reminds me so much of MAC Ruby Woo. I'm not joking. So glam! So red and so beautiful.

Spicy: This is my second favourite shade from the three I got. I particularly like how it applies. One of the best coral pink shades I own. It goes on so creamy and the finish is quite pretty.

Notice Me: This is one of the most vibrant neon purples I've seen but it is my least favourite. The formula is so patchy and it took me almost 10minutes to achieve the lip swatch below. It is also quite drying more than the other two. I would have loved it if it had a better formula and this is the reason I stay clear from darker shades of liquid lipsticks. They're always patchy.

Now as cheap as these products are, don't expect them to perform as well as lip products that cost 3,000 naira and above. There's a reason they are that affordable but as you can see from the swatches above, I made them work. If you want to know how, read my personal rules for applying these lip products below:

1. Never apply this products alone, you'll hate them. Make sure to apply a generous amount of lip balm or vaseline first, use a matching lip liner secondly or vice versa and then apply the lipstick.
2. Apply the product little by little and build up the colour. Don't apply so much at once.
3. It dries fast, so apply quickly.
4. The finish won't be so matte and drying when you have followed these steps. Expect a bit of transfer but that's okay. Remember the price.
5. You will need to touch up after eating and drinking. Perfectly normal.
6. Taking them off can be a chore. Easiest way is with olive oil or an oil based makeup remover followed by your makeup wipes.

In all, I think its a good choice if you want to have a wide range of liquid lipstick colours but can't afford to spend 3,000 naira on each one. The entire 10-12 shades of the Classic lippies are around that price mark. Total deal. I'm definitely trying out more colours soon and I will be including a bunch of them in my Christmas giveaway next month. You don't want to miss it.

Where to buy: Next Cash and Carry, Abuja or any market around you.
Price: NGN320 each or NGN500-NGN700 in markets.

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. See me sprinting to Next. Lol.

  2. I got these from next too! Glad I now know how to make it work. There is one from l.a pride sold at the same counter at next. It's so perfect! And it's 500 naira.. it does not dry, no pathes.. you should try it and review

  3. I have a couple but I don't like them Maybe it's because I don't know how to make them work,

    1. Yea just follow my steps and it'll be okay for you. Hopefully the colours you have are not problematic.

  4. I love them and they are really affordable

  5. Classic and beyond beauty are my babies o. I always makes them work

  6. I recently bought this product in the 'Millbrook' shade and I like it!
    For the price, the formulation and color pay-off is great, and yes I use a lip-balm first and then a matching lip liner before applying, so it doesn't dry out 100% matte.
    I'm going to get one or two other colors soon.

    Great review Alma.

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    1. Oh fantastic. I'm glad you're a huge fan too. Thanks a lot.

  7. Am a fan of classic liquid of my best shade is "hot flame".wow,its smokey hot.when ever i use that shade,the comments i get back are just so amazing.and the price is quite cool.thanks for sharing💋

    1. Oh nice. I should try out plenty more shades ooo!


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