Hey my pretty makeup lovers! Yes, you guessed right. I have a makeup review today and its all about all the gorgeousness that comes with an indigenous Nigerian brand. You heard me, NIGERIAN! I love reviewing Nigerian brands especially during this economic turmoil ravaging our country right now. No long gist, I'll just get right into it.

So a rep from UberChic Ville reached out to me to review some of their makeup products and boy was I glad to? Who doesn't love more and more makeup every other day. They sent me some loose glitters, pressed glitters and lashes. Whoop!

Loose Glitter 'iCandy' & 'Chairlady'- NGN1,200 each: I have been obsessing over glitters lately so this was right up my alley. I particularly love the cute packaging of these pots. Reminds me of something ColourPop would do. 'Chairlady' can be described as a mix of different colours but I can mostly see blues, reds and silver. 'iCandy' is a mix of dark green shades, mostly olive and forest green. Like all loose glitter products, you will need to use a glitter glue as an adhesive for the glitter to stick to. I would have preferred the pots to come with a tiny-holed stopper so you don't risk spilling the product when opening.

Pressed Glitters 'Ologe' & 'Black Diamond'- NGN750 each: This is actually my first time trying pressed glitters and I am simply in love. Reason is that it doesn't need glitter glue which automatically translates to being mess-free. You basically just apply like an eyeshadow with little fall-out. Infact I am considering turning all my loose glitter into pressed versions. Anyway, the pressed glitter in 'Black Diamond' is basically all black. The shimmer is not as shiny as other shades but I guess I will try it out with a smoky eye. 'Ologe' on the other hand is my favourite among all the products I was sent. It is the classic copper bronze and I couldn't resist playing with it first. See the look I did with it down below.

Silk Lashes in 'Arewa'- NGN2,500: I keep saying it! One can never have too many false lashes. I'm so in love with the quality and style of these lashes. It has such a glamorous look but isn't bulky. I particularly love how thin the lash band is, it makes it easier to hide and more natural to look at. The packaging is so cute as well. It can be used up to twenty times if well maintained. I also used it in the makeup look I created below.

In all, I have to say I am impressed with this brand. If we keep going on at this rate, we will not need to be using any foreign brands of makeup anymore. The prices are very reasonable which is something I was looking out for. I can't wait to create more makeup looks with the rest of the products I got. Check out all their products on their website and follow their Instagram page here

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  1. Wow! Up naija! These are very beautiful, very affordable

  2. OMG! You look fabulous! This is a flawless makeup look on you! Sounds like a great brand! Thank you for sharing! XO
    Edwige |

  3. I love glitter too, maybe I should try out this brand.

  4. Very lovely make up. Everytime I try to do anything other than my usual foundation, I love weird. Really hoping to learn how to make up well someday. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lol!!! don't worry dear. Keep practicing okay?? Thanks love.


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