Hey beauties! How are you all doing? So this review is a long time coming, I just got carried away with other stuff. The pleasant team at Banish Acne Scars wanted me to try out their products so they sent some over. This brand is based in the United States and after doing my research on them, I was eager to receive my package. They specialize in products for problematic skin hence the name. So, if you are battling acne or acne scars etc, this is for you.
I am particularly intrigued with the story on how the owner of this brand started the journey to creating these products. You can view the story here
Meanwhile, let's talk about what I received.

Banish Kit (Banisher and Banish Oil) : $75.00

The Banish Kit comes with the Banisher which is a derma-roller. Mine is a small size. There are bigger sizes available. It is designed with little skin needles (don't get scared). All you need to do is roll the banisher carefully over your face about 5-8 times. What this does is that it creates micro trauma on your skin which will send a signal to your brain to heal itself by producing collagen. This collagen heals the skin fast which translates to getting rid of scars. Be sure to do this with a clean face and sterilize the banisher before every use (each kit comes with a small container where you can place the banisher in rubbing alcohol). You can use this even if you don't have acne-prone skin. It helps a lot with maintaining your youthful skin.

This kit also comes with the Banish Oil which is a Vitamin C based product. Don't let the word 'oil' scare you. It absorbs really well into the skin and helps soften it, by the way, everyone's skin needs a dose of vitamin C every other day. You should use this oil after using the Banisher. It will help to soothe your skin and any discomfort you may have after using the Banisher tool for the first time, I particularly love the scent of the Banish Oil,

Activated Charcoal Clay Masque: $29.00

You must have been hearing and seeing reviews on charcoal peel-off masques. It goes to show that there must be something great charcoal does for the skin. The activated charcoal masque from Banish Acne Scars is not a peel-off masque but its equally good. All you have to do is mix the powder with your favourite liquid or just water. I mixed mine with water and applied on my face. It felt really tight after it dried which I liked and I washed it off after about 15 minutes.
Charcoal is a natural deep skin cleanser that opens up your pores and absorbs all the nasty stuff and excess oil. I was impressed with this because I could see oily patches through the masque after it dried on my skin. If you have oily skin, this should be your baby.

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque: $35.00

Now this is my favourite out of everything I received which is why I saved the best for last. The Pumpkin Masque just as the name implies is made with natural pumpkin extracts and is a good exfoliating product. When I applied this all over my face, it had a cooling effect that graduated into a tingling/stinging sensation. I was almost alarmed until I read that it was due to the nature of the ingredients used in making this, When it dried, the sensation disappeared completely.
I washed off the masque after 15-20 minutes, and I was so freaking happy with how my face looked and felt. So soft and clear. I'm not even joking. It was a huge YES for me. If you have problematic skin, this will dry out acne and heal your blemishes.

Now over to the pros and cons of The Banish Acne Scars Brand

  • All products are natural and organic. No unpronounceable ingredients here.
  • Shipping was fast. Got my package in Nigeria in less than two weeks.
  • These products work. Yes they do. I'm in love.
  • A little goes a long way with these products
  • Products from this brand are on the pricey side. Both masques are $35.00 each. For 50ml and 25ml of products respectively, that's expensive. But in all, this a brand worth investing in.

To purchase any of these products and to know more about about Banish Acne Scars, visit their website here

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  1. That post is super cute, what a great last minute find! I love it xx You will like to see more fashion from here.

  2. Wow!! looks good but quite pricey!! and this dollar issue is not funny at all! Anyways just keep us posted on the effects in the long term (even though you don't need to banish anything, your face is flawless)

    1. Yes dear. Quite pricey but really good. Yeaaah you know my skin is practically normal, so this will be of 100% benefit to someone battling real acne. Oh well nothing wrong in maintaining my skin sha.

  3. So you think your scars improved?


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