Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog. Remember the unboxing video I did recently on Little Brown Box NG? Well, today I am reviewing all the products after using them for a little while. I got seven items in the box and six of them are Nigerian brands. Amazing stuff mehn! So I have some hair products, skin care products and makeup products.
I recieved this box courtesy of The Blogger Point. If you are a blogger in Nigeria looking to meet other bloggers, you should join The Blogger Point. They provide amazing opportunities with brands for bloggers like you and I. It is quite impressive to see that bloggers in Nigeria now have a voice and are being recognised by brands. You can sign up to The Blogger Point here . See the review below and also the unboxing video just incase you missed it.

Mint Care Natural & Organic Blueberry Cheesecake Bar Soap

If you saw my unboxing video, you will know I was pretty eager to try out this product not only because it is natural and organic but because I had never seen a soap that contained that much ice cream and cake flavours. As I speak to you right now, this soap is on the brink of running out but I'm still holding on to it because just like you guessed, I am completely obsessed. I look forward to taking a shower just so I can soak myself in blueberry and cheesecake. I also love how my skin feels after each shower. This is my my favourite product in the entire box.

Essence of Ladina Leave-In-Conditioner

The first thing that drew me to this product was the scent. It is so so nice. This is also a Nigerian brand and it is a Leave-In-Conditioner for the hair. I have not been able to use this on my natural hair yet but I have been mixing this with some water in a spray bottle and using to revitalise my curly wig. It works so well. I can only imagine what it will do for my natural hair because during the harmattan season, I suffered a lot of hair breakage. With the argan oil, castor oil, tea tree oil and a bunch of other oils in this product, I will say that this is a very good hair product.

Beebs Little Brown Box Courage Body Perfume

This is a body perfume by the box brand itself, Little Brown Box. I would rather call this a perfumed body spray but that's just me. The scent I got is really nice and feminine but also very strong. If you are not into strong scents, you may not like this. Personally, I like this for everyday use when I need to smell good to dash out on a few errands. The mere fact that this is also a Nigerian brand is quite impressive.

House of Merola Multi-Purpose Oil & Hair Perfume

These two products are from the same brand. The first one is the Botanical Hair Perfume which I really like. It doesn't have a very strong scent and anytime I spray this into my hair, I like how my hair smells all day. It is really really good. The second one is the Argan Rose Multi Purpose Oil. And this one I am completely stuck on. The fact that I can apply this oil on my hair, my face or body makes it even better. And the scent??? Super duper amazing. I love it. No wonder the entire box  had such a beautiful scent when I opened it, all these sweet smelling oils are just so nice. Nigerian brands are killing it.

H&M Lip Gloss in 'Olivia'

This product is the only one from a foreign brand and it is from H&M  which is a high street UK brand. I do know they have some really good beauty products so when I saw this in this box, I was glad. The pigmentation of this lip gloss is quite impressve, I have to say. It is just as pink as it is in the tube .It also has loads of glitter in it which I think a lot of ladies like.
This has been my go to lip gloss of recent and it is always in my purse. Did I mention the packaging is so cute?

Zaron HD Liquid Eyeliner

I am a huge fan of products from Zaron. If you don't know, Zaron is one of the biggest makeup brands right now in Nigeria and if you don't have on or two of their products, you must be sleeping under a rock. Anyway, I was so happy when I got the HD Eyeliner in the box because it is a product I have been wanting to try out. 
From the swatch alone, you can tell what my review on this product will be. First of all the pigmentation is on point, really really black and opaque. Also the applicator is stiff and precise just the way I love my eyeliner applicators to be. With this, creating that perfect winged liner is so easy. You should pick this up even if no other product here appeals to you.

Check out the unboxing video below:

Little Brown Box NG is a beauty box subscription service that allows you have six to seven products delivered to you every month, every quarter or bi-annually for a fee depending on your preferences. You can check them out here and sign up to start receiving your box if interested. Delivery nationwide is completely free.

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  1. Quite curious about that soap too.

  2. The soap sounds delicious, I hope you were not tempted to taste it :) :) and that lip gloss looks so nice and the eye liner is very pigmented (or maybe it looks so dark to me because of your yellow pawpaw hand lool)

    1. I was tempted o! lol. The lipgloss is so good especially when paired with a pink lipstick. Trust me the eyeliner is very pigmented, forget that my yellow hand o.


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