My darlings, I'm not pausing on Nigerian brands. I just can't!! Trust me, you have no idea how exciting it is to be doing these reviews. I'm so glad to bring this beauty brand to you today and I personally reached out to them to review their products. Beauty by AD is strictly a lipstick brand... at least for now. It is owned by @diiadem on Instagram and I believe some of you know her. 
Beauty by AD sent me four out of their seven liquid lipsticks to try out and I will be talking about each shade as well as showing you lip swatches. Let's go!

Liquid Matte Lipstick in 'Candid'

Can you see how gorgeous this shade is. I will describe it as a light brown shade with taupe undertones. It is so beautiful and I don't have anything like this in my beauty stash, so I'm glad. This shade applied very nicely and creamy. Also it has a lovely chocolate scent which I am absolutely obsessed it. Makes me hungry. 

Liquid Matte Lipstick in 'HotShot'

This shade is a darkened burgundy colour. It reminds me of the MAC Diva lipstick which is one of my favourites. The application of this particular shade was a bit streaky and patchy. In my opinion, it didn't apply as well as the other ones, I had to really try to get a decent lip swatch above. But then, this is always the case with a lot of dark liquid lipstick shades even from foreign brands. So I ain't mad. Lol. I think I will use this shade more to create a lot of ombre lip options.

Liquid Matte Lipstick in 'Belle'

Hands up for the almighty red lipstick!! This shade is a true red colour with blue undertones, very similar to MAC Ruby Woo. My camera made it look lighter than it actually is hence the lip swatch above. It is sooo pretty and applied very smoothly too. For all the red lipstick lovers, I have no doubt you will love this.

Liquid Matte Lipstick in 'DivaGlam D'

I can never get tired of pink lipsticks, I simply adore them. This shade is described as an exotic pink hue and I couldn't agree more. It looks a bit darker in my swatch but it is really really gorgeous. Very creamy application and I will totally be rocking this on an every other day basis. If you love pinks, get this and thank me later.

So here are my overall thoughts on this brand:

PRICE: These lipsticks go for 6,000 naira each. Yes, yes, yes!! Quite pricey I know. It is safe to say that this is a high end brand. Not everyone can afford a high end lipstick like this but then again, there are others who would love it. Different clients for different brands.😊 
But if you ask me, I will say it is worth giving a try. 

QUALITY: The quality of these lipsticks is amazing! End of story! In my opinion, the quality totally justifies the price. They apply like a dream and dry down matte but they don't dry out your lips. They also last for quite a long time except after eating or drinking which is normal for liquid lipsticks. Also remember to moisturize and line your lips properly for the best results.

AVAILABILITY & SHIPPING: These products are available to ship nationwide. I got my package in two days which I was really impressed with. There's nothing like incredibly fast shipping!

PACKAGING: The lipsticks each came in a nice black packaging with the brand name printed in gold, the name of each shade is also printed on the pack. The lipstick itself comes in a nice tube with the brand name and also the name of the shade under the tube. It comes with a doe foot applicator for precise application. 

I have already made some of these lipsticks my favourites right now and I really really want to insert a GIF with a standing ovation for this brand.👏 To purchase any of these liquid lipsticks, shop on the brand's website and check out their Instagram page here

Do you have a Nigerian fashion or beauty brand and want to have your items featured on my blog? I am still running free reviews and collaborations, so send me a DM on Instagram or mail

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Candid is too beautiful, I also poverty her Kwinmallow

    1. I'm sure you meant you 'love' Kwinmallow. Lol. I love it too and yup, Candid is awesome.

  2. Ah 6k is plenty for lipstick o but they are so pretty!

  3. Candid is really beautiful but my award has to go to .....drum roll.......DIVA GLAM D!!!! that colour looks gorgeous, I love love how it looks on you. its also more versatile, I feel like only yellow pawpaws can pull off the candid colour. if a dark skinned sister like me tries it, it'll look like I have chalk on my lips loool

    1. Lol!!! For women of colour, I think lining the lips first with a brown lip liner will make a difference with Candid. But yea, Diva Glam D is beautiful, its the colour on my lips in my recent fashion post.

  4. Hello,am light skinned with yellow undertones and I find it hard getting lipsticks that really suits mii ...I dnt kmow if u cn help me out ere...I rily love ur make up tips


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