Hey my loves! What's up? Hope you are all doing well? It has been a very busy week for me so I'm shocked that I can actually put up this post right now. I recently started a new job, yes I know you all will be saying 'I thought she was focusing on entrepreneurship and blogging'? Lol. Well, I remember also mentioning that if a good job came along, I would take it if the need be.
This one is way more flexible than my last job and it is actually something I have always wanted to do so it is a win-win situation for me. My business is growing but still in its infancy stage plus there's really nothing like having that steady income flow monthly. So yes, I basically run three jobs now, my 9-5, my business and this blog/Youtube! Its gonna be CRAZY but hopefully I have the strength to keep up. So yea .... just thought to chip in a little life update there!
So to the focus of today's post! Embroidery! To be honest, I don't always jump on the trend bandwagon but this trend ..... this particular one couldn't pass me by. I've been so intrigued with how embroidery has taken over shirts and I really wanted one of these shirts but for some reason, I was seeing them on some sites for as much as $30 and I wonder why so pricey. As you know, SheIn sends me PR packages all the time so when they sent me this shirt, all I could say was ... FINALLY! I really like how light the material of this shirt is, and can we talk about the embroidery colours and pattern? Too pretty.
You can dress this shirt up in a smart casual way by pairing it with a pair of jeans all tucked in and a blazer over it. Or just go really casual with leggings just like I did. When ordering this, you will need to select your exact size whether small, medium or large as the sizes of this shirt run quite big. I had to give mine to a tailor to work on before wearing it for this shoot. I also wore my new coral pink court shoes from The Shoe Shop and pink shades also from SheIn. I think the combo made sooo much sense!

I will try my best to film a new video this weekend for you guys. Hopefully!!! Also, I was featured this week on Fashion Bomb Daily for the second time, Whoop!! My last feature was in 2015, so check out the current feature right here and make sure to show me some love by leaving your comments there! Love you guys.

Shirt: SheIn- Get here
Leggings: Old
Shoes: The Shoe Shop NGN8,500. Get here
Sunnies: SheIn. Get here
Bag: Viviq. Similar here

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. I knew I'd seen this embroidery trend somewhere! I was kinda confused for a second before I realized it's one of the new trends. It looks nice on you.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Fabulous look and Congrats on the job(S) . .where I come from that is the norm (LOL).

  3. You look stunning in that shirt. Great styling! Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.

  4. In our house in the village, my Mum has a box of old clothes, most of the tops had these embroidered flowers all over them. It looks like everything old is new again - and still gorgeous.
    Meanwhile, before I wander too far, CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!! God bless your hardwork.
    I was going to advice you to hire someone to help out with the blog/business, but there's no one who can quite produce what is in the head of a content creator - and still stay true to the original ideals of the blog/vlog/business.
    Just take your time and figure things out till you establish a routine that wont exhaust you all the time.
    P.S. Those glasses are the bomb

    1. Thank you, thank you darling. I'll just have to become a pro at multi tasking for now! Yea you're right about the embroidery trend from way back. Fashion is just a cycle, everything keeps coming back. Thanks dear.

  5. Yay congrats on the job Alma, in this economy or basically in general, having multiple sources of income is ideal. Love the embroidery shirt, I think this would pair so nicely with an ankara skirt to create a stunning mixed prints look. Also congrats on being featured on the Fashion Bomb Daily, looking at your previous one you've defined your style, understood your body type better, improved your makeup game and blog quality.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks Sarah. We can only keep growing. Change is the only constant thing in life. Thanks hun.

  6. Such a pretty chic look! I love your hair, so fabulous and your sunglasses! That picture where you laughed is so beautiful! Congrats on your new venture!

    Edwige |

    1. Thanks a bunch! I appreciate your lovely compliments.


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