Its my birthday!!!! I have been on this planet for TWENTY EIGHT years! Yea, I know I don't look it. Lol. Below I have 28 lessons I have learnt in 28 years and I hope you enjoy.

1. Put God first. Literally FIRST before anything else in this entire world.
2. Life is short. Too damn short, make the best of it.
3. Everything happens for a reason. Honestly, you will look back one day and realize it.
4. Travel the world if you can. There is so much to see out there.
5. Only you have the ability to change your present status in life. Only YOU!! Well, with God helping you.
6. Stay away from negativity. It is a consuming raging fire.
7. Be happy. Just be happy no matter what or at least look happy.
8. Save and spend wisely. There will be rainy days and you don't want to get caught up in it.
9. If you are not happy with your job, bounce! If anything happens to you, your position will be filled immediately. Start up your own craft or risk staying there for donkey years.
10. Your first degree in school may not matter in the end. Bankers becoming bakers, lawyers becoming makeup artists and engineers becoming fashion designers.
11. Master's Degree is now like WAEC. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has it and they still end up looking for jobs when they get back to Nigeria.
12. Don't be afraid to lose friends. As time moves on, so must people.
13. Don't be so picky with a marriage partner. That tall, dark, handsome, God-fearing, rich, loving man may not exist all in one person.
14. What will be, will be. Don't sweat it.
15. Spend quality time with your loved ones. You never know, you just never know.
16. Carry yourself with confidence and charisma. Even if your bank account is reading zero naira.
17. Invest in basic style pieces and good skincare products. That way you don't have to shop for new fashion items all the time and your skin will thank you later as you get older.
18. Build up on your passion. Nobody else can believe in yourself as much as you do.
19. Love and pamper yourself. There is only ONE you.
20. Its just social media, its not that serious.
21. Appreciate your body. Fat or Slim, Pregnant or New mommy. God created you in his image.
22. Concentrate on the things you do have. It gives you less time to worry about what you do not have.
23. Age is really just a number.
24. Be open to change and new things. That is the only constant thing in life. Cancel the fear of the unknown.
25. We all make mistakes. Don't kill yourself over yours.
26. If you want to be successful, roll with successful people. Its that simple.
27. Don't hold unto grudges, it kills slowly. Like a flesh eating disease.
28. Time lost can never ever be gotten back. So make do with the time you have NOW!
 So those are definately not all the lessons I have learnt but hey I said 28 right? I need to gush a little about my lovely photos, I know you are gushing too, say the truth. I had an amazing time shooting with Babatunde Adewole. He is a photographer based here in Abuja and I was just super obsessed with his pink background that I knew I had to have it for my birthday. He is super nice, meticulous, easy going, creative and dynamic. As you can see, the photos speak for themselves. I have absolutely no regrets and I love love love my photos. His package is also pretty affordable so you can check him out on his Instagram page here . I did my makeup myself so if you are interested in products used, stay glued to my own Instagram page here
And oh.....lest I forget my dress was sent to me by the SammyDress team, I saved it for this shoot because it is so pretty and feminine, the colours are so beautiful. I am so in love with it. See link to purchase below.

Dress: SammyDress. Get here
Choker: Zaful. Get here

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Happy birthday Alma, 28 is a good one.

    Have a blast and may God give you a present you will never forget.

    Do visit my blog if you can. Daworkdiva.com

    1. Thank you soooo much. I look forward to that present!!

  2. Happy birthday dear!! I'm definitely looking out for this makeup tutorial! Stay fabulous

    1. Aww thank you dear. I will film this tutorial in the near future.

  3. Happy birthday darling, crushing over the dress😍😍😍

    1. Thanks babyeee! Me love this dress so much too.

  4. Happy 28th! You look so much younger, good genes eh? That dress is gorgeous and your smile is beautiful. Important lessons right there and I wish you many more years on earth. Enjoy.

    1. Oh I get that a lot, looking much younger than my age. Thank you so much dear.

  5. Nice tips.....and congratulations on you birthday

  6. Looking so stunning girl, as always pink is such a flattering colour on you so the background was a great idea. Now tip one on putting God first can not be over-stressed. I'm slowly learning to save for the raining day and also realizing that no man is perfect. Loved that a lot of lessons focused on developing and loving oneself. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you dear. Pink is soooo me. God first always, I'm glad you loved the tips. Thanks again.


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