Hey beauties! What's going on? I have a beauty product review today and it is all about the Angel Veil Face Primer from NYX Cosmetics. This is one product that has been on my wishlist for the longest time. I took interest when Jackie Aina used it in one of her videos and raved about it. I was so glad when it was gifted to me by Ambasadorelle, a high end retail beauty store here in Abuja. It is owned by a medical doctor, oh yes, a medical doctor who is obsessed with makeup. Lol, I love her drive and the passion she has for all things beauty related. If you love high end brands, then you will love her. She stocks only the best original products from brands that may be so hard to reach. I will be leaving my personal coupon code down below.
Now on to the product review. I couldn't use this primer as soon as I wanted because I needed the chicken pox spots on my face to clear up. Thankfully, they are 85% gone so I have tried it at least 3-4 times.  I will break down this review in mini sections.
Packaging: It comes in a white squeeze tube with a pink metallic cap. You get 30ml of the product in the tube and of course the primer name and all written on the tube.

Consistency: The product has a consistency similar to a body lotion. Not too thick or thin but milky/cloudy just like a lotion. When applied, depending on your complexion, it could leave a little bit of a white cast on your face. Don't worry, applying foundation takes that away.

Wear: I apply this primer on my T-zone which is my forehead and down my nose. Those are the parts I tend to get oily the most. I also apply little amounts all over the rest of my face after which I apply my foundation. I am super impressed with this primer as it tends to leave my face shine free for quite some time. It takes about 5 hours before I start seeing the oil peeping through my powder which is a lot of time compared to days I use any of my other primers. I have also noticed that my makeup doesn't move as much during the day. It is a very good base and I must say that I really love this product.

Price: I got this primer as a gift but the actual official price on the NYX website is $16.00. If you need to buy it in Nigeria, you can get this from Ambassadorelle here. To get 10% off any order you make there, you can use my personal coupon code 'STYLECHEAPSKATE10%'

In all, this is a fantastic primer. It will be totally worth it if you choose to purchase it. 

Have you ever tried the NYX Angel Veil Primer? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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