Hey loves! I promised you Part 2 of the events that went down for the launch/opening of Jabi Boat Club. If you missed the first post, you can check that out here and then come back to this one. So October 1st fell on a Sunday and it also happened to be Nigeria's Independence Day. There was no better day to host a rave at the newly launched boat club. The Independence Lake Rave pulled so much weight that I couldn't believe it. Despite the regular tickets going for 5,000 naira, the venue was packed with so many people to the point that I began to wonder if we really had that many people in Abuja all this while!

Abuja people are the hardest set of human beings to please. We do not get easily carried away by hype or celebrities, same reason why a lot of entertainers complain about having shows in Abuja. Its either not very well attended or the crowd can't be bothered much. But there was a huge difference at the Independence Lake Rave and I was super glad to see how we seem to have come out of our shell. The white sand was filled with people under cabanas, fabric mats and umbrella huts. I personally loved the lanterns on the sand, it was soooo pretty. The entire ambience was lovely! There were jet ski rides going on, music by some of Abuja's best DJs and plenty food and cocktails of course (I tried out The WoodHouse Burger and I haven't rested since).

With Falz The Badt Guy and Skales as the stars of the show, it was no surprise that a lot of people myself included didn't mind waiting till about 9:30pm when they performed. It was super amazing. I didn't take any more photos once the sun went down because my camera doesn't capture great photos in the dark.
The dress code was the same as Day One and since it was a party, I wanted to dress the part so I opted for an off shoulder chiffon blouse and wrap skirt set from House of Simona. It totally went with the tropical beachy vibe. I decided to wear flat sandals since I was going to be in the sand a lot and added my hat again from the previous day. A lot of people took the dress code seriously o! Guys in tropical printed shorts, muscle tees and hats. Ladies in denim shorts, tank tops, straw hats, kimonos etc. You can't blame us biko, we don't have a beach in Abuja so any opportunity to dress in that manner is always a welcome idea.

In all it was a great event and I cannot wait for the next one Jabi Boat Club is going to host. Trust me, there are plenty more lined up for 2018, you have no idea. The event ended with fireworks around midnight which I didn't witness. Hubby and I left the venue once Falz left the stage, we were tired and it was rather late. Thankfully the next day was a public holiday!

For more photos from the rave, check out their Instagram page here ! If you are in Abuja and are yet to visit Jabi Boat Club, what are you waiting for????? Great food, good music, fantastic ambience.
It is located at Nera Hotel Waterfront close to Jabi Lake.
See you in my next post!

Top & Wrap Skirt: House of Simona. Get here
Sandals: New Look. Similar here and here
Hat: RoseGal. Get here

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  1. You look so beautiful!
    The place looks like a fun place to hang out and I've been craving burger for some days now.

    1. Thank you dear! Oya run to the boat club oo!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. You look stunning in this dress!


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