Hey beauties!!! What's up! I greatly in....GREATLY APOLOGISE for stalling on another 'Save or Splurge' post. I know this used to be a favourite of many of my readers and I haven't put out one in ages. Okay, now that my apologies have been accepted, I am comparing two concealers today and will be giving advice on which one to go for. Remember one is more expensive than the other so I hope your favourite goes in favour with my verdict. Lol!

L.A Girl Pro Conceal- NGN1,400 ($3)

Probably the most popular concealer the beauty industry has ever had, the L.A Girl Pro Conceal does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. As soon as I began getting deeper into makeup, this concealer became and has remained my baby. I believe the same goes for every makeup loving girl out there. Such great quality and amazing coverage for such a low price. Should we even talk about the wide range of shades???? This goes for $3 in the U.S and a lot of other countries so basically everyone and their momma has this in their makeup kit. However, there has been speculation about how hard this can be to blend especially if not blended out immediately its applied. Personally, i have experienced this one or twice but it is not overwhelming to me. The squeeze tube packaging with a brush has also caused controversy with a lot of people not liking it at all. Also there seems to be a large number of fakes right now everywhere! Literally ordered a back up of this product on a Nigerian site recently and a fake was delivered to me, I had to get rid of it. Its still a good concealer if you have the original and for the price, you can't beat the deal.

ColourPop No Filter Concealer- NGN3,800 ($6)

ColourPop came out with the No Filter Concealer not too long ago and the entire beauty world went agog! I had to get my hands on it ASAP. This concealer goes for $6.00 but trust our Nigerian retail stores to shoot up prices. Lol, if you are getting it here, you will be getting it for N3,800. Crazy right? Anyway, let me fill you in about this product. First of all, the packaging is so nice. It has a doe foot applicator which is a double plus for me. The consistency of the product is soo creamy and it applies soo well. Now blending out this product is just heavenly. This blends out like a dream, no streaks at all. You don't even have to tap hard for it to blend out especially if you use a damp sponge, it just glides away nicely. And the coverage??? Let's not even go there. Amazing coverage. Compared to the L.A Girl Pro Conceal, the shade range is not as wide but there is definitely something for everyone. What's more? Its just amazing. 


As much as I will always remain loyal to the L.A Girl Pro Conceal, I would say if you haven't, please try something new by getting the ColourPop No Filter Concealer. You won't regret it. I even had to get two similar shades so I don't run out anytime soon. Also, ColourPop delivers to Nigeria incase you are skeptical about the N3,800 price you'll have to pay getting it here. Plus, I think shipping is free!! When next I need ColourPop products, I am definitely ordering them myself. You can get this in Nigeria on BeautyFrenzyShop or BeautyEspacio 
You can get 5% off any order above 10,000 naira if you are ordering from Beauty Frenzy Shop. Simply use the code 'STYLECHEAPSKATE' at checkout!

What are your thoughts?? I'll love to know, let's discuss. Leave your comments below.

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  1. I don't see colourpop as a luxury brand therefore, colourpop concealed by normal standard can't be classified as 'splurge' but by Nigerian standard, well...

    1. I agree with you. Colour Pop is not a luxury brand but the essence of my 'Save or Splurge' series is to compare two items, one more expensive than the other (luxury/high-end or not.

  2. After completing my make up lesson by Lina Cameron , I bought this coloupop one. Just to be mention, I am using L.a girl one for a long time. In between this two, I love l.a girl one most. This gives me a good coverage, long lasting and do not make my makeup look cakey. I love this one really. This is really good.


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