Hey guys!!! Phew!!! I have sooo much content to put out so I have to constantly be on a roll, just incase you're wondering. Alma can't slow down ooo, she just can't! I have been waiting to show you guys all the yummy items I recieved from SGTC Clothing, a popular ankara brand on Instagram. I have lowkey been a silent lover of the brand because of how bright and vibrant their fabrics are so imagine how happy I am that I get to run a collaboration with them. Sooo happy! I spoke more on the collaboration and it will be part of my next vlog so watch out for it next week.

So obviously the star of the show is this beautiful colourful ankara wrap top! Absolute gorgeousness!!! Out of all the items I recieved, I knew I wanted to show you guys this one first. This wrap top is available in loads and loads of different fabrics so the choice is yours. I also love how you can style this top normally or in an off-shoulder way. Again, the choice is yours, who doesn't love a versatile piece. Even though I styled this with a navy blue pencil skirt, I cannot wait to see what it looks like with a pair of jeans and some big hair going on. For this look however, i added a gold & pearl neckpiece and red sandals.
Do you need me to tell you that this is a good brand? They have managed to set themselves apart from the crowd in terms of coming with easy to rock, vibrant and colourful ankara pieces. With the way their pieces are worn worldwide, it is evident that they are here to stay. The finish of this top is great, no loose ends or dangling threads. It really is beautiful and I cannot wait to show you guys all the other items very soon! Remember that if you are interested in this wrap top and you reach out to SGTC Clothing, tell them Alma sent you or better still, just show them my photo. 😊They deliver worldwide so all my obodo oyibo people, get in here!!

Do you think you can rock this wrap top?? Will you be purchasing from this awesome Naija brand?? Let me know in the comment section below. Peace and love!

Wrap top: SGTC Clothing- Get here
Skirt: Old- Similar here
Sandals: Wuse Market
Neckpiece: Forever 21- Similar here

Thanks for stopping by..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. I have seen a lot of people wear this warp top but slayed effortlessly in it.

  2. You look amazing! I love the prints of the top and the exaggerated sleeves are so gorgeous! I have a similar top that I love and rocked on the blog!

    Edwige |

    1. Thank you soo much! Such an Afrocentric piece!

  3. What a fabulous blouse, it is so vibrant and beautiful. It Complements your stunning face. I also love your statement necklace. This is fantastic look

    1. Thank you soo much Elle! So many lovely compliments!

  4. Love these beautiful bold colors on yoU!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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