Hey guys! Quick review here! I recieved a package from the brand, Ofulicious and they deal in celebrity fragrances and loads of products from Avon. Back in the day, I used to enjoy using products from Avon and I am super happy that they are still kicking it in the beauty/skincare industry. I was sent one of their recent releases which is the Viva La Vita 3- piece set consisting of a 50ml perfume, a 150ml body lotion and a 75ml body spray. I'll be giving you my first thoughts on these products.
Avon Viva La Vita Eau de Parfum
When I saw this one product, I was soo excited. I love perfumes and this one falls under the category of scents I absolutely love. It has a fruity scent and can be described as having scents of fresh crisp apple, pink grapefruit, vanilla and dewy rose petals. Completely fresh and feminine. It is defintely long lasting and perfect for the spring season which will be our own rainy season coming up soon. 

Avon Viva La Vita Body Lotion
The scent of this lotion is just like that of the perfume which many other perfume sets do. The lotion is moisturizing and I particularly like the size. It is really portable and you can take it along with you in your handbag all the time. It can also serve as a hand lotion too. Talk about different functions!

Avon Viva La Vita Scented Body Spray
Of course the name says it all, this is basically a spray version of the perfume. Great for freshening up during the course of your day. I'm not one of those girls who carry actual perfumes around so this spray will do just fine.

So I did my research and realised some online stores here in Nigeria have just the perfume retailing for 9,000 - 9,500 naira. Guess what, you can get the complete 3-piece set from Ofulicious for only 8,500. Cool right? They deliver nationwide so start making your orders. If you love celebrity scents too, this is the sure place to go. Prices are super affordable and you get good value for your money.
There will be a Pre-Valentine event tomorrow 10th February 2018 tagged the 'Sip N Shop/ and there will be loads of discounts. If you are in Jos, Plateau State, make sure you don't miss this for anything.

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