Hey guys!! So I have been meaning to do a review on two products from The Ordinary. I have had them for quite a while but I wanted to make sure to use it for a long period of time so I can give you guys a damn good review. The Ordinary has been gathering a lot of buzz especially on Instagram and a lot of people swear by their products. Among the top reasons people love them is that their prices are just right and their products really do work. But did they work for me? Keep reading to find out and note that I will be skipping the big grammar today and just telling you my exact thoughts.
The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

As part of my skincare routine, I usually exfoliate with a facial scrub at least once a week. The Glycolic Acid Toning Solution from The Ordinary is supposed to be used as a chemical exfoliant in place of physical ones like facial scrubs. This product has been compared to the Glow Tonic from Pixi but I haven't tried that one out so my thoughts will be squarely on the one from The Ordinary.
Now, I totally love the way my skin feels when I use this product. Very clean and moist. It does not sting except you have an open sore like a popped pimple or a scratch on your face after which it goes away quickly. Over time, I have noticed my skin become even clearer, I hardly ever get breakouts and a couple of tiny blemishes have also evened out nicely. My skin is brighter and well balanced. I use this only at night and the bottle contains quite a lot of product so I know it will last me till thy kingdom come. Also I hear this product is way less than $10 and that is super affordable if you are on a budget. Overall it is a great product and this is coming from me who was never really into toners. I AM NOW!!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

I honestly had no idea what this product was supposed to do for my skin until I read up about it and it is supposed to give your skin moisture and keep it hydrated. It all made sense that each time I used it right after the Glycolic Acid Toning Solution, I woke up with incredibly soft supple skin the following morning. Like, I can't even explain it!! I do not have dry skin and yet this product is able to keep my skin hydrated and soft without any sort of oil. The product comes in a serum form and when applied, it does not sit on the face but gently absorbs into the skin. This is very good especially for the hot climate here that literally sips out all the moisture from your skin. I cannot count the number of times my husband reaches to touch my face in the morning and compliments how soft it is. Using this together with the Glycolic Acid is pure heaven for me.

All in all, I think The Ordinary is doing such a fantastic job and I cannot wait to try more stuff from them. In a world where good skincare products cost and arm and a leg, it is amazing to see that the average woman can also take good care of her skin with affordable products from The Ordinary. If you are in Nigeria and you are interested in products from The Ordinary, you can get them from The Beauty Frenzy Shop and what's more, you can get 5% off your order above 10,000 naira using my discount code "STYLECHEAPSKATE' at checkout.

Would you be trying out products from The Ordinary??? Let me know in the comment section below.

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