Hey guys!! No it is not another style or beauty post....calm down! I have been doing a lot of eating out as a way of gathering more lifestyle content and I have been loving it. I was super happy when the owner of Stargee Healthy Eats & Grill invited me over to taste something off their menu and run a review for the restaurant. Without wasting too much time talking plenty, let's get right into it.
As usual, I went there in the company of my Number 1 support system in the person of my hubby. The restaurant is located inside NAWA Complex along Jahi-Kado district, it is also the same road as NEXT Cash n Carry. Locating the restaurant itself was a bit of a hassle as it was hidden from the main view of the plaza. I immediately got Chinese Restaurant vibes once I walked in because of the kind of furniture and decor that was used. There was light music playing in the background and lovely DIY quotes hanging on the walls.

This restaurant prides itself in the fact that they focus on healthy food. There is hardly any fried food on the menu and if any food must be fried, olive oil is used. In addition to that, all meals are made fresh and they offer both continental and Nigerian dishes. For my meal, I ordered the shredded beef in barbecue sauce with spaghetti and Jesse ordered the shredded chicken in barbecue sauce with rice.

The meals were really tasty and reminded me of homemade dishes as well. The portion size was also really good for the 2,500 naira price each plate was worth. We also had their smoothies, I had the Coconut Paradise and Jesse had the Mango Mix. Mine was a combination of Coconut, Pineapple, Banana and Apple. I didn't taste much of the pineapple and apple because the coconut overshadowed the entire smoothie. I also wished the smoothie was chilled, it was quite close to room temperature which wasn't very appealing. Jesse loved his smoothie though, it was a combo of Mango, Pineapple, Banana and Ginger. Also we were served the smoothie in moderate cups as opposed to the normal large smoothie glasses.

All in all, I enjoyed my treat at this restaurant and I would definitely visit again. They also do outdoor catering and their restaurant is open for events like birthdays and company meetings. All you need to do is pay for meals and drinks alone and the entire space is yours. How nice!!

Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm
Saturdays: 9am-7pm.

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