About Me

My name is Alma Ojugbana-Ngur and I currently reside in Abuja, Nigeria. Born on the 10th of July sometime in the 80's.

Everyone who knows me knows I love fashion, style, beauty and all things related. A friend once said to me 'Alma, you make everything look like its worth a million bucks!' This and similar events made me start my blog on the 20th of August 2014. I wanted an avenue where I could showcase my personal style and development. I was also inspired to show young women that you really don't have to spend so much money to look good hence the blog name. It could be a random t-shirt, a basic dress or an old pair of jeans. You can revamp and restyle pieces from your wardrobe to make your clothes look and feel as good as new.

My personal style is very feminine, effortless and comfortable. I'm a huge sucker for bold colours and prints so expect to see plenty of that here. I hope you have one or two things to learn from this blog.